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UChicago CLAS entreVistas

Sep 25, 2020

Marcel Pinas, a Surinamese artist with Maroon roots, traces his professional and personal journey to becoming an internationally recognized artist as well as a community activist and advocate. Pinas sits down with Olivia Gomes da Cunha, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, to discuss his early years in Suriname, his education prior to turning fully toward the arts, his exploration of his Maroon roots through programs in Jamaica and Amsterdam, and his return to the community after years abroad.  Pinas navigates his relationship with and understanding of his community as he develops his craft and discovers his personal identity through his art. This far-reaching conversation has been edited down for the podcast episode, but the full conversation can be found on our website.

entreVistas: chats about Latin American politics, culture, and history, featuring faculty, students, and visitors at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Chicago

Read the transcript here.